Lash Treatments

They say the eyes are the window to the soul… Do you want long, thick, full, flawless lashes?  If you have a special event to attend or feel like a pick me up – whatever your reason, our highly experienced team at The Body Bar Clinic have a range of luscious lash treatments on offer.

With our silk lash extensions and lash lift treatments you can say farewell to time consuming lash curlers and mascara. Your eyes will be beautiful from the moment you open them. What are you waiting for… Book in for your luscious lashes that look as natural and as gorgeous as they feel.

Classic Silk Lash Extensions – Enhance your eyes by getting silk eyelash extensions applied individually to your natural lashes. Waterproof & durable, wake up feeling gorgeous without putting on any make up.

Volume 2D or 3D Silk Lash Extensions – Volume lashes are made to help create a thicker fuller appearance, by having additional attached lashes. Perfect for when you just want more, more more!

Lash Lift/Curl – Define your lashes and get that natural looking curl in one relaxing treatment. It’s hugely popular with clients who don’t like the high-maintenance factor of lash extensions but who still want lashes that look amazingly long and have strong curvature. Lasts 8 – 10 weeks. (includes lash tint)


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Classic Lash Extensions | Full Set
$159.00 Book Now
Classic Refill | 2 weeks
$70.00 Book Now
Classic Refill | 3 weeks
$80.00 Book Now
Classic Refill | 4 weeks
$90.00 Book Now
Volume 2D or 3D Lash Extensions | Full Set $189.00 Book Now
Volume Refill | 2 weeks $99.00 Book Now
Volume Refill | 3 weeks
$109.00 Book Now
Lash Extension Removal
$35.00 Book Now
Lash Lift/Perm
$95.00 Book Now
Lash Lift/Perm + Lash Tint
$110.00 Book Now
Hydra Lash Tint
$35.00 Book Now
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