Women’s Waxing Brisbane

Sick of shaving? It’s time you try waxing! Our professionally trained and highly-qualified Therapists will ensure that your treatment is as quick and comfortable as possible. At The Body Bar Capalaba, we only use premium wax products and have strict hygiene practices guaranteeing the perfect waxing experience every time.

What about those sensitive areas we hear you ask… Extra care is always given when waxing sensitive areas of the body. Our experienced Therapists will always ensure appropriate support to minimise discomfort and leave your skin feeling smooth and hair free.

We often get asked “Do you wax men?” the answer is of course – Our team are experienced in waxing both men and women on all areas of their bodies. The Body Bar Capalaba are Brisbane’s Waxing specialists.

Want to feel hair free year-round? We recommend booking regular waxing treatments every four weeks.

Looking for something more permanent when it comes to being hair free? We recommend that you look into our IPL Hair Reduction treatments.

Discover the feeling of being waxed today at The Body Bar Capalaba.


Pre Treatment Advice    |   Post Treatment Advice
$69.00 Book Now
Brazilian Return (4 weeks)
$59.00 Book Now
Bikini Line
$35.00 Book Now
$48.00 Book Now
Boy Leg Extension (add on)
$22.00 Book Now
Full Bottom (Down The Line & Over The Hills)
$49.00 Book Now
Down ’The Line’
$25.00 Book Now
Over ’The Hills’
$25.00 Book Now

Pins & Pipes

Pre Treatment Advice    |   Post Treatment Advice
1/2 Arm (Upper or Lower)
$39.00 Book Now
Full Arm
$49.00 Book Now
Under Arm
$35.00 Book Now
1/2 Leg (Upper or Lower)
$42.00 Book Now
3/4 Leg
$50.00 Book Now
Full Leg
$59.00 Book Now

Brows & Face

Pre Treatment Advice    |   Post Treatment Advice
Eyebrow Sculpture
$32.00 Book Now
$22.00 Book Now
$22.00 Book Now
Lip & Chin
$39.00 Book Now
Sides of Face
$25.00 Book Now
Brow Sculpture, Lip & Chin
$60.00 Book Now
Full Face including Eye Brow Sculpture
$75.00 Book Now


Pre Treatment Advice    |   Post Treatment Advice
Brazilian & Full Bottom
$99.00 Book Now
Brazilian Return (4 weeks) & 1/2 Leg $95.00 Book Now
Brazilian Return (4 weeks) & Full Leg $110.00 Book Now
Brazilian Return (4 weeks), Full Leg & Under Arm $139.00 Book Now
Bikini & 1/2 Leg $69.00 Book Now
Bikini & Full Leg $85.00 Book Now
G-String & 1/2 Leg $79.00 Book Now
G-String & Full Leg $95.00 Book Now
Full Body POA Book Now
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